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“One of the best decisions I've ever made was to have Celia Clancy onboard at Mighty No Bitey, Inc.  Her impressive, deep expertise combined with her genuine interest in the company's growth and success have been a tremendous asset. She's a true powerhouse and has helped the company focus its goals and make progress through a real hands-on approach, and I couldn't recommend her more heartily.”

Terri See
Founder/CEO, Mighty No Bitey, Inc.

“Working with Celia over the past few months has been very refreshing and also informative. Her retail knowledge is beyond what I could imagine and her openness to help provide our team with the right blueprint to be successful in the retail apparel industry has been everything we needed and more. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have Celia as a consultant guiding our team. Thank you!”

Jennifer James
Active Ego

Our Services

Business Diagnostics

We identify strengths, weaknesses, growth opportunities, and areas needing improvement. We listen to your needs and aspirations for growth, then conduct a rigorous analysis of your business, researching all areas of customer contact to deliver a thorough market assessment and work plan recommendation.

Strategic Planning

We work together with you to build a clear path to your business success, from the very beginning, through every step of the way, through adoption and integration. These strategies may include: speaking with stakeholders to ascertain a plan that meets their goals, leading stakeholder meetings, and implementing the resulting plan. We partner with you to improve business performance, meet growth objectives, and all necessary steps in between.

Marketing & Branding

Whether acquiring and licensing a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we create or guide you in developing the identity and a compelling narrative needed for future growth. This can include clearly identifying your core customer and building a plan to serve them better. This can also include direct to consumer marketing, print marketing, social media, email programs and the increasingly popular planned events showcasing your business or brand. The marketing aspect involves deepening consumer relationships, resulting in customers who buy more, are more enthusiastic, recommend more often, and who provide positive social media feedback.


At Celia Clancy Associates, we are merchants first and will guide you from concept to customer purchase and product use at home. In order for you to offer your customer the best assortments, we develop your product lines, build a product development calendar, plan your product line, assist with sample development and sourcing, and work with you on presentation for in-store and online. We advise on every aspect of your retail business. This may include: pricing, store planning, seasonal planning and inventory flow, markdown improvement, and open-to-buy optimization.


As retail experts, we bring a deep understanding of e-commerce as well as brick and mortar to the table. To heighten the business’ strengths, we extend the market reach with an omni-channel approach to keep the consumer front and center. We understand the shopping experience requires special focus and expertise. We therefore develop every touch point to ensure a positive and consistent purchasing journey.

Product Development

Whether creating new products or improving top sellers, both retailers and suppliers must maintain a keen focus on newness and innovation. Showing the customer what's new and different sharpens up your offerings to surprise and delight them every time they visit your site or store. We help you evolve and grow your product line.

Team Development & HR

Your people always make the difference! We can strengthen your team through assessment and finding the right talent for your business. At Celia Clancy, our reputation helps us to attract top talent and build high-performing teams and culture. We ensure business values and objectives are clearly defined and aligned at every level of your organization.

Process & Performance Improvement

We can provide assistance improving every step in your business process, leading to reduced costs and increased profit. Our leadership and organizational management focus centers around customer-centric merchandising, delivered with succinct marketing and smooth operations. As a result, your business is properly balanced and designed, driving long-term sustainability and profitability.

Mapping a plan for success

Having worked for some of the largest and most successful global retailers, we have the experience to predict industry trends and the foresight to create strategies and business models that sustain both short and long term success. As experienced leaders, we understand the importance of allocating resources wisely where they will yield optimum results.

One of the biggest drivers of our approach is being truly customer-centric, which means consistently appealing to the customer in an omni-channel environment -- every day in every way they want to shop.


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