We Are An Advisory Firm for The Retail & Consumer Goods Industries.


What We Do

Celia Clancy Associates is dynamic. We assess your goals, build teams, and craft a plan to provide solutions according to your specific needs. Our mission is to grow your business, whether it entails lending expertise, incorporating productivity tools, or even recruiting personnel. Above all, we listen as we discover your business needs to address whatever challenges you may be facing. We then build a plan together to achieve your goals, guiding you through all phases of execution for the full implementation of the plan.

We are consumer-centric—laser-focused on your customer’s needs and wants. The key to sustained profitability is consistently exceeding their expectations. With today’s technological advancements in online transactions, ease of order and delivery are just as important as price.

How We Do It


Analysis & Insight

Equipped with the right combination of data and insight, we create a process that is easily repeatable, bringing long-term sustainability.


Holistic approach

This method partners with the best in all aspects of the industry, incorporating expertise as we develop winning solutions.



Collaborative execution during each step of the plan, from initial recommendations to satisfied customer. 


Customized strategy

A thorough and complete analysis of your business is followed by mapping out specific steps forward to your success.


Win in the marketplace.
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About Us

Celia Clancy Associates (CCA), based in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, is a business advisory firm offering customized solutions in the retail and consumer goods sectors. With a 30-year history of working with businesses ranging from the world’s largest big box stores to entrepreneurial retailers, Celia became widely recognized as an industry expert and thought leader. Through this work, she developed the Unique Factor: Unique Teams & Tailored Solutions for Each Client.

Our "hands on" approach is the key in building and gaining consensus, converting strategies to action and action into results. Our services are designed for retailers and consumer goods companies. We are called upon by mid-sized and large companies alike, and we are happy to work with small companies that seek further development.