Why Being Consumer-Centric is Driving Retail

by Celia Clancy

The term consumer-centric is often used in retail but what does it actually mean? 

As the name implies, it means putting the customer front and center of every touchpoint as they experience your brand. For retailers and consumer goods companies, this has meant:

Improved Merchandising: The Customer Journey starts and ends with the product. Fresh new takes on products is what the shopper is looking for. Clear and informative pathways to purchase in both digital and brick & mortar experiences facilitate conversion..

Evolving With Consumer Needs: The Customer is our Boss. Understanding who your customer is today (and who they will be tomorrow) is paramount to success in an ever-changing retail world. What are your customers looking for and what will keep them coming back? In an era of generational shifts and evolving buying patterns, knowing your customer’s DNA is more important than ever.

Get, Keep, and Grow your Base: All retailers and brands are gaining and losing customers every day. It is the net growth and multi-purchase customers that make a brand great. We can help build the best mix of digital, direct-mail and catalog marketing for your brand to acquire new customers and increase purchase frequency.

Keeping Pace With Technology: Whether it is an interactive display or an IoT integration, digital and mobile retail purchases are rapidly rising as customers download apps for Scan & Go applications, interact with products, read reviews, or use their devices to find promotions and even use navigation tools to find products in-store. Companies embracing technology have seen significant increases while others not responding to this evolution are being left behind the curve. Are you ready to go there? We can help.

• Fully Educating Your Team: Our people make the difference. We all know this is true, but how do we get and keep our associates informed, trained and excited to exceed the customer’s expectations? Customer service is a direct result of brand ethos and culture. Do you have a clearly defined vision that everyone understands and incorporates into their daily work? Well-executed training programs that convert managers and staff into knowledgeable brand ambassadors are integral to making this come to life.

• Inventory & Warehouse Management: Being out of stock hurts sales, being overstocked diminishes the experience and punishes margins. As experts in inventory and vendor management, we will not only help you maintain disciplined inventories, we will make practical recommendations on improving operational processes and implementing the latest OMS and WMS solutions.

• 360º Customer Service: Relationships with customers extend far beyond the initial purchase and delivery of the product. Customers remember the brands and retailers who go beyond and respond positively when things are not just right and recommend follow-up items, where applicable. This comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction is what it will take for retailers and consumer goods companies to succeed into the future. CCA can take you there.



The need for maintaining a sustainable retail enterprise with an eye on the consumer has made Celia Clancy Associates a premier choice for businesses who need cutting-edge solutions now. Our deep expertise in retail and consumer goods typically yields results the very first day we meet. Sometimes it means making tough decisions but we’re there to help guide you every step of the way for increased profitability.


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